Practical Ideas On Sensible Methods For Swimsuits

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Supporters say the move would streamline and modernise the country, but opponents fear it could lead to greater authoritarianism. A "yes" vote could also see Mr Erdogan remain in office until 2029. On Saturday, Turkish politicians made their final appeals to voters preparing to cast their ballots on one of the most sweeping programmes of constitutional change since Turkey became a republic almost a century ago. Some 55 million people are eligible to vote across 167,000 polling stations, with the results expected to be announced late on Sunday evening. If the referendum vote falls in Mr Erdogan's favour, it would give ชุดว่ายน้ำ บิกินี่ him vastly enhanced powers to appoint cabinet ministers, issue decrees, choose senior judges and dissolve parliament. Mr Erdogan said the changes were needed to address the security challenges faced by Turkey, and to avoid the fragile coalition governments of the past. Image copyright Getty Images Image caption President Erdogan said at a rally in Istanbul that the new constitution will "bring stability" Speaking at one of his final rallies in Istanbul's Tuzla district, Mr Erdogan told supporters that the new constitution would "bring stability and trust that is needed for our country to develop and grow". "Turkey can leap into the future," he said. The referendum on constitutional change would abolish the post of prime minister altogether, allowing the president to bring all state bureaucracy under his control.