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Designer Erin Paige Pitts was careful to give a light and bright custom look to the Todorov family's kitchen in Bishopville, Maryland. "It's very easy to order a kitchen full of white cabinets, but that isn't what makes it special," says Pitts, who has offices in Maryland and Florida. "I look for opportunities to add a lot of visual interest, whether it be interesting tile for the backsplash, beautiful cabinet hardware or unique glass." Particularly when using white, "it's the layering of all these interesting elements that makes a kitchen special and visually appealing." Here's her advice: If you go with white tile, make it special The Todorov kitchen has lustrous white tiles that shimmer in the sunlight. Pitts used handcrafted iridescent tiles (the specific color is Chalk) from the Winchester Tile Co.'s Metropolitan collection. The company, based in England, is a favorite of Pitts's. "I love to use them in waterfront homes where we want to have light reflecting through the space," Pitts go right here says. She says the glossy finish of the tiles "reflects on water and brings it into the home." She also used Winchester light blue (Lupin) tile as an accent to add another dimension. Make your range hood a focal point Seek out a beautifully designed hood or customize one so you make it a design feature instead of just a functional appliance. Pitts worked with RangeCraft to style a striking polished stainless-steel and pewter range hood embellished with a riveted trim.

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